Data access & protection

Today, security in SAP environments is no longer confined to the notion of SoD and access governance. Access to data is a major issue in information system security. Rules essential to their protection must be respected:

  • SAP data is often manipulated by third-party applications, which access it via various communication protocols (used especially by connectors for Remote Function Calls…). A good management of these connections is necessary.

  • In the same way, technical solutions used to make SAP platforms talk to each other (such as WebApp) can be used for malicious purposes to access data stored by SAP.

  • In addition, SAP S/4 Hana provides excellent performance gains, but the management of database access has been completely overhauled. It is essential not to limit authorization management to business accesses processed via the authorization objects in the ABAP code, but to integrate access to the Hana database into this issue.

  • Finally, the confidentiality of sensitive data can also be improved by dedicated SAP solutions, such as UI Masking & UI Logging, which hide sensitive values from all users. With different implementation methods, these solutions can be integrated into the SAP Enterprise Threat Detection monitoring system (-> link to SAP UI Masking UI Logging) (-> link to SAP ETD).

ArtmIS offers its services to support and implement these security mechanisms in order to guarantee a better protection of your data.