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Why ArtimIS?

We offer you a stimulating work environment with many opportunities.
By joining ArtimIS, you join a team of experts with proven experience in different fields. This team seniority allows you to accelerate your professional development.

ArtimIS priority is to offer to all its employees a friendly working environment that develops their excellence. ArtimIS gets 7 different nationalities and 9 spoken languages. This diversity of the team allows you to provide a high quality of personal development.

Moreover, during your first week at ArtimIS, you will benefit from the ArtimIS Academy which is an opportunity for you to discover or deepen your knowledge in SAP authorizations, GRC and Internal Control.
This training allows you to get acquainted with the ArtimIS internal culture and with its different trades.

To this end, we have created modules of support built on 3 teaching aids: video, audio and written and we have developed an academy of specific practices, where IT security consulting and internal control are combined, exploring the field of ideas, knowledge and unique strengths and sensations.
ArtimIS also offers you an annual seminar whose main objective is to get to know your colleagues better and to foster exchange and team cohesion.

Encouraging ArtimIS consultants to renew their strategic outlook by connecting them to their deepest aspirations is what we try to federate through a support system and not training.

We don’t claim to teach GRC, but rather to propose a more functional way of looking at different areas of risk management and compliance.

Arnott Hales, Engagement Partner

Internal development process

Our Values

Soft skills / Know-how

Le professionnalisme et la qualité du travail effectué par les équipes ArtimIS sur le terrain font partie de nos caractéristiques maîtresses


Our diversity is our strength. Whether cultural or professional, our team benefits from a wide variety of backgrounds

Team player

With ArtimIS, you can always count on the expertise and availability of each of our experts


It is never easy to separate work and personal life. Our adaptability will offer you an adequate work environment


Our consultants are experts, certifications and targeted training are regularly offered à la carte


Our offers

SAP Security Risk & Compliance Digital Marketing Representative

Confirmed SAP ABAP Consultant


Our recruitment process

Step 1

An interview with an HR manager

Step 2

One or more interviews with managers or partners, based on your experience level

En fonction du degré d’expérience

Our tips for applying: