Federation of Identities

The evolution of companies and their application landscape generates a multiplication of user accounts. This data is therefore treated, stored and maintained in different solutions, resulting in multiple entry points for the same user. In order to secure access to these different elements, it is important to federate this identity system.

Such a multiplication of accounts generates risks such as:

  • Incomplete and incompatible user data updates, which complicates workflows and increases errors,

  • The multiplication of rights and user IDs to be managed, resulting in unauthorized access to applications,

  • Manual processing, which increases risks of errors and makes tasks time-consuming,

  • Incomplete audit tracks, making compliance management more difficult.

It is essential to centrally track a user’s lifecycle from provisioning to deletion. This will allow users to access multiple applications with single sign-on authentication while ensuring their identity and legitimacy. Identity federation technical solutions provide uniform centralized reporting across all user accounts.

ArtimIS proposes its expertise in the federation of your identities and in the different phases of their lifecycle by implementing the appropriate solutions. The benefits of this approach are the following:

  • Synchronize the directories of the different applications,

  • Setting up automatic provisioning,

  • Implementing a single sign-on solution.

  • Link to SAP IdM

A good federation of identities is necessary for access management in the context of GRC.
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