Change Management

Change is never easy. Changing tools and processes is affecting massively operating end users, management up to the board.
The change of tools and processes needs to be proactively managed to ensure the impact on end users and business process linked to a transformation are seen as an advantage and are well adopted.
The good news is these stakes are forecastable. The Artimis GRC transformer team has been facing a variety big challenges accross different customers and has helped out big organisations managing a successful turnaround when it came to implementing GRC processes. At a time of constant change, Artimis works in collaboration most strategic GRC actors to provide most accurate support to our customers.

Usage and approbation

Technology can make employees more productive, can improve processes and can secure data. Without an activation stragegy, strong sponsoring, and approbation of end users, it is fairly unlikely for a new process/tool to be fully adopted whatever the scope.

Usage and approbation

The ArtimIS team combines great experience in technological topics aswell as in depth understanding of change management and how to get buy in from stakeholders accross an organisation. We are evaluating new software, hardware and processes associated to them and impact on end users. We try to leverage approbation and to avoid process failure or lack of adherence of end users. The acceptance of change is key to maximize the value of a GRC project and involves key communications and training across the organization.

Project management

Due to economical and commercial uncertainty as well as changing regulatory requirements and continuous technological innovation, companies are struggling to manage their projects within a certian time frame and a certain budget.

Project management

We are bringing broad experience in project management at a variety of scales and accross very different sectors.
Our process is guided through live prevision of project related risks and uses information enabling optimized planification and execution. Flexibility is key to us in the way, the location and the people we are working with. We are very agile in order to adapt to commercial and organizational needs and create long term value to your organization.

The Artimis experts adapt to new best practices accross the market when it comes to change management including communication, animations, and project management related to GRC expertise. We are willing to avoid old school minutes, 150 slides powerpoint trainings etc – our GRC transformers aim at using inovative and intuitive solutions to accelerate buy in and approbation of change by the organization

Some examples of key activities performed by our GRC Transformers when it comes to change management:

  • Governance and sponsorship definition

  • Define an innovative communication plans and deliverables

  • Ensure regular communication instances are planned internally to the project (project committee, steering committee etc)

  • Use innovative training material for end users

  • Document processes and transfer knowledge