Like the operational functions, the internal audit and internal control functions are also undergoing a digital transformation. Indeed, the internal control devices can be supported by different GRC solutions, which in particular allows monitoring compliance with some regulations: SOx, SAPIN II or GDPR. In addition, internal audit departments use tools to support and document their work (annual audit plan, work program by process, audit report, follow-up on recommendations) …

Thus ArtimIS specializes in supporting these customers in the digitalization of the internal audit and internal control functions by providing a methodical and rigorous approach, thereby improving their risk management and process performance.

We support you in your different assignments to secure and improve the control of your operations on different axes such as:

  • Adopt a risk-based approach and performance improvement approach for defining the audit plan

  • Propose a risk management adapted to the organization

  • Set up a digital risk monitoring with defective and preventive controls

  • Strengthen the three lines of defense for better control of operations

  • Improve the qualification of information necessary for strategic decision-making throughout the organization

  • Develop a culture around compliance and risk management

  • Improve the control structure, in particular through the implementation of automated control

  • Take advantage of technology-based auditing

  • Protect against threats that could impact the sustainability of the organization (fraud, cyber-attacks, etc.)

  • Ensure responsiveness in the execution of the BCP