Internal Audit

The management and the audit committee use the internal audit process as a means to assess the quality and control of operations, and also to generate value across the organization.

We help large, medium and small businesses to design their internal audit function – from carrying out an in-depth risk assessment on all of an organization’s processes, to communicating the results to management, the board of directors and other stakeholders. Not only do we identify the risks and the deficiencies, but we also work hand in hand with the operational staff to meet the challenges and put in place the appropriate controls.

Whatever the client’s industry – whether there is already an internal audit service or whether it needs to be set up – ArtimIS creates a framework adapted to the needs of each company. We take a practical approach and our partners are deeply involved in our work.

ArtimIS supports you in co-sourcing in your audit missions throughout the year:

  • Business process audits (Finance, O2C, P2P, H2R) & IS audits (User access management, change control, incident management, …),

  • IT risk mapping & scenario modeling revealing impacts and costs,

  • Definition of key indicators (KRI) and creation of dashboards for risk communication and monitoring,

  • Audit, Help with the choice, Piloting, integration-migration of GRC solutions – Data Analytics & Internal Audit Management.