Internal Control

IT risks, cyber threats, regulatory requirements, process complexity, fraud and attacks continue to grow in number and in complexity – all in an increasingly connected and digital business world. As companies and technologies evolve, the internal control framework has to be updated (as the COSO for example).

On the basis of this reference framework, we offer controls adapted to the processes with an optimal effort / efficiency ratio. At ArtimIS, we support our customers challenge the « status quo ». Rather than just building on “last year’s approach,” our team of professionals helps companies simplify and strengthen their processes to be as efficient as possible, while focusing on the processes and the risks that matter most to them.

We start by assessing the internal control framework of our customers with a systematic and consistent approach, adapted to their context. It is after understanding their device that we are able to identify gaps and recognize the risks while finding opportunities to improve and optimize controls.

Our methods and projects are structured with change management and technological solutions:

  • Assessment of the level of maturity of the internal control device (governance, process, roles and responsibilities, dashboard)

  • Identification of existing controls and evaluation of their effectiveness compared to the needed effort.

  • Highlighting existing controls that mitigate the main risks, seeking to take advantage of on-board information system controls; elimination of redundant controls, with low added value or even ineffective.

  • Development / adjustment of the internal control reference system.

  • Design and implementation of new automated controls to align with the target benchmark.

  • Collaboration with external auditors to ensure that changes in control suit them and improves the level of risk addressed and the reliability of financial information.

  • Design and implementation of a monitoring structure to review the effectiveness of the internal control framework.

Implementation of Continuous Control Monitoring thanks to dedicated tools to improve efficiency.