Change Management

Change is never easy. Changing tools and processes across can highly affect the way an organization and the people behind it are working – including top management. In order to ensure a change or a transformation is successful, the impact on end users needs to be proactively managed.
The good news is these challenges are predictable. The ArtimIS GRC Transformer team supported a variety of clients in preventively addressing the challenges that come with changing tools, processes and eventually roles and responsibilities across an organization. At a time of constant change, ArtimIS works in close collaboration with the main GRC technology actors helping identifying transition plans and executing them.

Usage and approbation

New technologies can make employees more productive, processes more effective and data more secured. Without an activation strategy, including strong sponsoring, there is low probability for a new tool/process to be fully adopted.

Usage and approbation

The ArtimIS team combines technical expertise and a good understanding on how people adapt to change. We evaluate new software, tools and processes when it comes to functional impact but also analysing the gap between existing and future processes to manage this change the best we can. ArtimIS is focusing on end user approbation minimizing issue and ensuring business continuity and end user adherence. We actively work to guarantee change is adopted accross the value chain, ensuring strong communication and trainings.

Project management

Due to unsure economical and commercial performance, changing regulatory rulings, innovation and technology, companies are struggling when it comes to running projects on time in full within budget.

Project management

We bring a wide experience in project management in a variety of sectors and scopes.
Our processes are guided through live previsions specific to the projects we manage in order to manage workload, change management and potential risks as we make progress. We are flexible in the way, the venue and the people we are working with. We are sufficiently agile in order to adapt to your commercial needs creating a long term relationship.

The ArtimIS experts adapt to the new trends when it comes to change management including communication, animation and PMO skills. We tend to be as innovative and intuitive possible to accelerate adherence to change and approbation of GRC tools.

Some examples of activities performed by our GRC Transformers in terms of change management:

  • Defining an accurate sponsoring and project governance

  • Innovative communication plan and deliverables

  • Regular communication and PMO instances (project committee, steering committee etc)

  • Animated training plans for all the different stakeholders

  • Process documentation and transfert of knowledge